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Spartak and creativity agency Easychart.ru announced the style of Spartak hockey team in 2019-20 campaign.
  • 2 сентября 2019

Hockey club Spartak revealed the style of new season. Designers from Easychart.ru talked about their inspiration.

Creativity agency Easychart.ru:

- Sports club did not like to change something in their identity. That is why we are happy to collaborate with Spartak Moscow. We decided to put modern approaches in club style for new season.

The main accent made on white stripe that is very familiar to all Spartak fans. It is just pure energy. Hockey is very close to dynamics. This moment is “Right Here!”

The hero of the season is Oleg Znarok who was appointed as head coach after last season. He is the main motivator of Russian hockey. Our coach is power, energy and mind. We decided to support this idea with great quotes that appears to be quintessence of supporting Spartak.

So, here we go! We believe: It would be OK!